Lake Merritt (Oakland CA USA) Neighborhoods

Friends and Neighbors

Interests, Services, Home Page Links, and Contact Information (updated December 3, 2008)

We substitute (at) in place of @ in email addresses to discourage harvesting by spammers. All phone numbers are in the 510 area code unless otherwise noted.
Aaron Reavan: 547-7589
Singing & playing music, political action, seeking justice
Al Bettles: 868-0009
Andrew Nash: nashan66(at) or 381-1655
Becky Lyman: beckyharp2000(at) or 834-1263
Bev Rice: 763-8227
Bill Rowan: piedmtbill(at) or 258-6637
Cal Simone: (301) 369-1515 (voicemail)
Jungian who does house sitting
Claire Risley: bikestuffetc(at) or 526-9206
Daniel Borgstrom: daniel41(at) or 569-6174
David Robbins: ecovdave(at) or 893-2542
Middle East Study Group, Fiction Group, prose & poetry, creative writing, art
Dawn Raymond: damaraz(at) or 625-1209
Creative reuse, sustainability, nonviolent communication, "Your Money or Your Life," Earth Charter, art/graphic design, potlucks & growing community. Stay tuned for the unveiling :-) of my personal/public resource site.
Diana Greenleaf: dgreenl(at) or 639-7588
Eleanor Alperton: ealpe2004(at) or 663-9622
If you are interested in playing scrabble call or email Eleanor
Gary Klein: beherenow(at) or 853-2220
George Wooley: george(at) or 839-7781
Perl, role playing, dance meditation
Helmut Behrend: helmut(at) or 654-5758
Certified Massage Practitioner
Hildur Kehoe: hpghpg(at) or 536-1979
Ira Brightman: longevity900(at) or 452-1544
Biotechnology Study Group, longevity seeker; Biotech900 group, Biotech900(at)
Jan Lundberg: or (215) 243-3144 (voicemail), (415) 7282-548 (cell)
Janet Kobren: kobrenj(at) or 834-1834
John Cassady: cassady3(at) or 547-6636
Web page design, e.g. this site.
Julie Hawthorne: jrhawth(at) or 654-1670
Karen Armstead: camry88(at) or 839-6012
My blog is at:
Karen Kenney: karen_kenney(at) or 457-5686
There's a black cat lying in the shadow of a gate post, and the black cat tells me that love is on its way.
Kerstin Schwarz: kerstinschwarz(at) or 848-4244
Laura Mack: laura67bike(at) or cell 910-6406
Laura Wells: info(at) or 986-0879
Green Party candidate for State Controller, and activist for Instant Runoff Voting and better elections.
Linda: lindamarcella(at) or 547-0146
Loren Haralson: lorenzini(at) or 625-1209
Creative reuse/resource salvaging, guitar
Marshall Johnson: marleejohn(at) or 834-6350 cell 290-5142
Anarchy, Interarchy, and Beyond
Matthew Kenney: matt_kenney(at) or 735-6179
Matthew Richardson: mrmcr(at)
Michael Wesson: info(at) or (559) 255-9269
Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® Teacher, classes; Fresno
Nan Lim: 635-6744
Nancy Nottage: nntallgirl(at) or 839-5737
Baking ["ooooo... and can this girl bake!"]
Nancy Rivera: fiddler20(at) or 278-7415
Nina Lasant: or 601-9198
Orion Edmonson: orion_orion99(at) or 428-1386
Orion teaches private drum set and rhythm lessons for instrumentalists and vocalists at Acme Music Store, 3715 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland and Bananas at Large Music store at 4th Street and E Street in downtown San Rafael and also convenient house calls. He also is the leader of Orion's Joy of Jazz, featuring jazz giants of the Bay Area at various venues and private functions. These are my websites:
This is for my original protest songs.
This is for my jazz announcements.
Peter Lee: peterofthelake(at) or 834-1263
Artist at the Lake, watercolor lessons
Rabboni Selah: 1514 Alice St #22, 717-6104
Roberto Rodriguez: roberto(at) or 436-4366
New World Practice for Community and Transformation. I am into celebrating and developing our gifts and gathering secret agents for a Love Revolution. For more details please go to
Sean Sturgeon: 839-1318
Soleil Tarrson: deborahsoleil(at) or 839-4305
Stephen Kelly: skyesyes(at)
Steve & Beth: lmnop(at) or 763-8712
Lake Merritt Neighbors Organized for Peace (LMNOP). More info at
Susan Anspach:
Tony D'Aguanno: tonydaguanno510(at) or 272-9915
Spirit in the Material World, Psychospiritual counseling
Troy Christmas: troy(at) or 764-9565
Vaughn Hovanessian: masis(at) or 547-5399
Virginia Browning: 891-3578