Neighbors and Activities

Grand Lake/Lake Merritt Neighborhood, Oakland, California

A community of relationships of people who like to do things together.

"The neighborhood is bounded only by your imagination." -- Marshall Johnson

Geographically, the "neighborhood" is centered around Lake Merritt, Oakland, California.

It has no organization, no officers, no membership, no dues, no rules, nothing but a calendar of activities published monthly on paper and here on the Internet where we will update it monthly or more often if necessary.

It is often referred to as "The Ecovillage," and so it is, in the sense of being a "Social Ecovillage" (but not a residential or spiritual one).

The Calendar is the simple way that people can easily join in on the neighborhood activities. The calendar has a focus on relationships rather than just on the content or listing of events and classes. The easiest way to propose your own event or activity is to first participate in some of the events on the calendar -- everyone is welcome! Perhaps you could come to The Coffee Hour on any Tuesday at 6:00 pm at the Leaning Tower of Pizza or to The Monthly Potluck. Your event should be free (see "Calendar Policy" on the left sidebar).

You can link to our Internet Form for proposing activities or events on the left sidebar ("Propose an Event"). Fill it out and submit it.

The printed calendar is published monthly and is available at The Leaning Tower, The Coffee Mill and Coffee with a Beat.

The on-line calendar on the left sidebar is updated, at least, monthly. If you have an event with a short leadtime, for example you "Propose an Event" on Tuesday for something scheduled for Friday, email a heads-up to [updated Sept 1, 2010]

Announcements and items of particular interest